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Business Transformations:   Business Analysts...Making it Happen!

Please join us for our next Chapter Meeting on Wednesday May 27, 2015. Networking to begin at 5:30pm, with presentation to start promptly at 6:00pm. We will be meeting at Matrix Solutions in Cary. Steven Marbach will be presenting "Business Transformations:   Business Analysts...Making it Happen!" [Registration Form]

Matrix Solutions

7001 Weston Parkway, Suite 100
Cary, NC 27513
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Topic:  Business Transformations:  Business Analysts...Making it Happen!
Speaker:   Steven Marbach

Business Transformations are not easy and can quickly become dismal, life sucking, doom-pits.  Critical to success is the intrepid Business Analyst!  Mr. Marbach will share some lessons learned from Bizagi’s customer Old Mutual, a large, international banking and insurance company who successfully navigated an enormous Business Transformation project, years ahead of schedule.  The presentation will also provide a few exercises to help hone the BA in essential day to day skills, and briefly introduce Bizagi (perhaps new to many) as platform to support the BA in their role …making it happen!

Bizagi is a world leader in business process modeling and automation.  It is one of the founding organizations of the BPMN standard and its platform provides a collaborative suite for business and IT to model, build, deploy business process and enable the business to completely manage and maintain continuous improvement.


· Introductions

· Business Transformations: tips to succeed!

· Use Case: Old Mutual

· Bizagi Intro (short & sweet)

· Skills Development Fun!

· Q/A


Suggested Advance Prep / Reading

· Maybe just spend a little time on

· And just pick one customer case study or award to read.

Some, (okay, a lot) of “about Bizagi”.  Feel free to add/delete what you think may be appropriate to include in your email. I would recommend a few lines from the “Value Evidence” Section and the links to the Modeler & Studio downloads, and the training and Process Exchange links.


The Bizagi brand stands for ‘Business Agility’.

The goal and ethos of Bizagi is simple – to provide intuitive and easy to use tools that allow Business and IT to collaborate effectively, to ensure that process solutions are delivered faster than any other BPM Suite on the market.

Both the Enterprise BPM Suite and Process Modeler are available to download from our website. We invite you to test drive Bizagi for yourself via the links below.

Bizagi Value Evidence

  • Leading brands such as Mars, Adidas, Generali, Air France, PwC, Allianz – all partner with Bizagi as their BPM vendor.
    • Adidas – 60% reduction in OpEx costs managing AR/Invoice exceptions in SAP
    • infoCaja – 80% reduction in OpEx costs managing regulatory administration
    • Abengoa – hundreds of processes automated in with minimal to none outside support
    • Oxy – Millions of dollars realized by optimizing its (oil) well servicing and maintenance.
  • Speed of deployment: Up to  70% faster than other BPM tools because of the architectural principles behind the product.
  • Successful deployments in 57 countries worldwide.
  • A low risk, high value solution – start small and grow big model.
  • Forrester Wave – BPM Suites 2013: Bizagi positioned as ‘Strong Performer’.
  • WfMC Gold Award for Best North American and European BPM Implementations (WfMC Gold Awards 2012, 2010, 2009).
  • Intuitive for true  collaboration between Business & IT – a key success factor for any BPM initiative.
  • Interoperable engine – Supporting either .Net or Java.
  • Strong integration capabilities: SOA architecture, data virtualization, web services, API’s, custom connectors etc.
  • Strong architecture (Process and Data) – supporting business usability, adoption and re-use.
  • Enterprise scale solution – example of over 300 processes deployed on a single Bizagi server (e.g. Abengoa Case Study Click Here).
  • The only ‘pure play’ BPM vendor invited by OMG to define BPMN 2.0 and the forthcoming Case Management standards with SAP, IBM, Oracle.
  • Total focus on customer satisfaction.
Starting your Business Process journey: The "Discovery" Phase
It is important to firstly define and document your business processes. In order to facilitate this we offer the Bizagi Modeler at zero cost.

Here you can map, document and share business processes across your organization. This is the stage which will precede the key process automation phases and is crucial in understanding how things are currently done, spotting "bottlenecks" and visualizing improvements and efficiency savings. This is also where you will visualize how human and system interactions play out within your business process areas.
Download Bizagi Process Modeler (download will start automatically)

Changing the way work is done – the “Automation/Execution” Phase
This phase is all about turning your process map into a running application (workflow) which will be integrated with your existing legacy systems and data sources. Bizagi is unlike any other major BPM vendor in that we allow you to anonymously download our BPM Suite from the website for evaluation. You will have access to 20 free evaluation licenses for use on development or test environments and you will not be constrained by any time limit or functional restriction. In order to assist with your evaluation you will have full access to resources such as: e-learning site, documentation center, process templates, how-to guides, free BPM support forum, educational videos which are all accessible via the links below.
Download Bizagi BPM Suite (download will start automatically)

A good place to start is to download the BPM Suite with the link above and try the ‘My First’ and ‘My Second’ process workshops via this link:

Bizagi Whitepapers
  • Scalability with BPMS – Untangling Spaghetti BPM:

  • Putting the BUSINESS back into BPM – B is for Business:

  • Enterprise Transformation, where to start?! How to select your First Process:

  • BPMS, SharePoint or Both? In-depth discussion:

  • BPMS & Mobile

Bizagi Case Studies



Financial Services:


Other case studies available here:

Bizagi Knowledge Base
Click Here
Here you’ll find a large knowledgebase of resource material, from videos to training courses to downloadable process templates.

Process Xchange
19 ready to run process templates including: Accounts Payable, Purchase Request, Non conformity Management, Help Desk, Claims and Complaints
Bizagi Process Xchange

Free online training:
Full range of free online tutorials available here:

Bizagi Documentation
Full product documentation and quick start guides:


Congratulations to Jeff for becoming a CBAP!

Jeff Morris, currently works for Schwab Performance Technologies in downtown Raleigh as a Business Analyst on strategic technology projects for  advisory practices.   Before settling in at Schwab, Jeff worked as a business analyst, product manager and project manager for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

Here is what Jeff had to say about his CBAP journey and his advice for others considering pursuing CBAP certification.

I'm very happy to have set the goal and achieved CBAP certification.   I wanted to distinguish myself from the hundreds of other Business Analysts in my company and also further refine my skills as a Business Analyst.   The path to getting my CBAP wasn't easy, but in the process I gained several new skills that have benefited me and have become a much better BA.

Develop a plan for not only studying, but filling out / completing the application.  It takes commitment and time.  The application is lengthy and does require you to thoughtfully justify your BA experience.   When it comes to studying, don't under estimate the time commitment required.   You have to read and re-read the BABOK many many times.

Past events

2015 Annual General Meeting IIBA / RTP Chapter 

Thanks to all that joined us on January 29, 2015 at 5:30pm in the offices of Matrix Solutions in Cary for the 2015 Annual General Meeting.   We had a great meeting.   The Board and attendees reviewed the chapter affairs and had a great exchange of ideas for growing the chapter in the coming year.   Meeting agenda and notes below.  Please feel free to reach out to the Board with your comments and ideas for 2015 by e-mailing us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Past events

April 29 Chapter Meeting: Requirements Prioritization

Please join us for our next Chapter Meeting on Wednesday April 29, 2015. Networking to begin at 5:30pm, with presentation to start promptly at 6:00pm. We will be meeting at Matrix Solutions in Cary. Razvan Radulian will be presenting "Requirements Prioritization." [Registration Form]

Matrix Solutions

7001 Weston Parkway, Suite 100
Cary, NC 27513
[Get Directions]


Preparation Materials and Videos

Requirements Prioritization

When prioritizing requirements in a project, have you ever been in a situation in which virtually all requirements are High Priority or Critical? As you can imagine, ALL requirements being High priority is as "good" as NO requirements having ANY priority at all. Hmm, not very helpful, isn't it? Is there anything we can do about that?

In this presentation/workshop we'll go through some ideas and practices on how to improve the requirements prioritization process.

Agenda topics:

  • Why are we talking about Requirements Prioritization?
  • What are we talking about?
  • Who cares? Why?
  • When do (should) we do it?
  • How do we do it? Some useful techniques...
  • Pitfalls & "Best" Practices


Download Materials and Presentation [Download Now]

To get more out of this workshop…

1. Read the slide-deck (PDF file) before the workshop
2. Watch 5 short videos (listed below) to see what we can learn from…
• Getting stuck in traffic
• Sorting 2500 photos
• Playing “Poker”
• Cleaning up
• “Visiting” Moscow [sorry, no video at this time]

As you watch the videos, think about how we may combine (potentially, adapt) these “disconnected” bits of  information to come up with a better and faster way to prioritize requirements…

…we’ll do just that during our workshop!

This is the list of videos to watch:

Getting stuck in traffic:
• Public Workshops - Triangle Regional Transit Program (Video, 15-min)

Sorting 2500 photos:
• How to edit a photo shoot in 5 minutes (Video, 4-min)
•3 ways to rate and cull images in Lightroom (Video, 7-min)

Playing “Poker”:
• Agile in Practice Planning Poker (Video, 4-min)

Cleaning up:
• Scrum Repair Guide Grooming the Product Backlog - Mike Cohn (Video, 5-min)

“Visiting” Moscow:
• Sorry, no video at this time…


Razvan Radulian
Razvan is an instructor and coach with over 17 years of advanced experience in business analysis, business process management (analysis, design/modeling, simulations/optimization), system architecture and design, project management, Agile, Lean, and more.



Congratulations to Seema for becoming a CBAP!

Seema S Manchikalapati currently works for BCBSNC as a BA in customer service dept. Previously she has worked for BOSE, Philips Healthcare, Timberland and General Motors

Here is what Seema had to say about her CBAP journey and how the Study Group helped her achieve her goal.

This study group has a diverse member group coming from different business streams. They bring a rich experience of Business Analysis to the table. The energy of this study group kept me going even when at times when it was difficult for me to focus. I am very happy to be a part of this group and thanks the group for having me. I could not have done this without your support.

We should have a timeline & agenda and stick to it. Aspiring candidates should fill up the application form first, so that their dedication and commitment is visible. Set up achievable exam dates and work towards the goal.

Thank You,

  Once again, congratulations!

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