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IIBA RTP SEP Chapter Meeting - 27 SEP 2023 5:30 EST

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 -
5:30pm to 7:00pm

Speaker Name: Jessie Perez

Presentation Title:  The Story that Drives User Stories

Presentation Abstract :  Agile came about as a means to solve a problem,
a problem in a bubble where there was a void of BA presence.
As we dig into the Story that Drives the User Story,
not only will Jessie bring alive the history of the original story,
but also reshape our big picture of a best-in-class User Story.

Speaker Bio: 
Jessie Lee Perez is the founder of We Speak Color (WSC) and WSC Business Services - where the heart of their mission is helping people reach their God-given potential by equipping them for sustainable careers.
As a CBAP Business Analyst, Jessie has worked in such industries as global logistics, NASA sciences, cancer services and cutting edge healthcare.
She now teaches others the skills of business analysis and runs communities of practice.
Pulling together these skills with her training as a temperament consultant, WSC Business Academy was birthed out of an obligation to give back and pour out what she’s learned,
to serve as an expert in order to lift up and help others along their own journey.
Jessie is the author of the books "Color By Design: Why you think what you think…" and "The Way of a Business Analyst" and is currently working on her next title.
She is the mother of two wonderful boys and lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee.


Company Twitter Handle: no Twitter - www.jessieleeperez.com

Favorite Business Analysis Technique:  no Twitter - www.wespeakcolor.org

Favorite Local Restaurant:  Avo

Fun Fact not related to Job/Profession: I've circumnavigated the world twice (out the East/in the West)

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