Mentorship Program Launched

IIBA RTP chapter is pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of the six chapters in the Global Mentoring Pilot program. This is a great opportunity for members to take advantage of this program and get advice/guidance from a senior member. Follow the steps below to signup as a mentor or mentee. 

  1. Access the Mentor Signup Form:
  2. Access the Mentee Signup Form.
  3. Enter the requested details as thoroughly as possible. The collected information will be used to provide the best match for your needs.
  4. Submit the form, which should be followed by a notification to your entered email address to confirm the submission. 
  5. Forward the submission confirmation email to


The next step will occur at the Global Program Level, where the criteria provided by members seeking to be mentored is matched to the criteria provided by those wishing to serve as mentors. There are several key pieces of information that the Global team will attempt to use for an optimal match. For instance, language, critical need, and specific experience in a problem area are all important considerations.

The goal of this mentoring program will be to try to find a suitable mentor in the same chapter as the mentee. However, this is not always possible or there are actually reasons that favor a mentor outside of the mentee’s immediate environment. No matter the reasons, one of the great values of a global program is the ability to leverage resource from anywhere to serve a member in need.


As the matches occur, they will be communicated out to the mentoring pairs and regional/chapter resources to ensure communications are received, clarity is present and parties know what to do next. Once the communications about matches arrive, the mentee and mentor should take steps to set up an initial introduction meeting to get started.

Mentoring Sessions and Touchpoints

The program will employ a series of touch points to get feedback from both the mentor and mentee in each relationship. As the mentoring sessions build momentum, we want to ensure that all aspects run smoothly and ways to make the mentoring program even better are able to be shared with program leads.