Triangle BADD 2020

Scaling Business Analysis: The BA for the New Decade

Conference Agenda:
1pm to 1:50pm
Delvin Fletcher: The Vision of Business Analysis in the New Decade
Presentation Abstract
The IIBA RTP is excited to have Devlin as part of this conference.  Delvin will kick us off by giving us an in-depth look at International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) look at the future of Business Analysis and what the they are doing to make that happen.
Great opportunity to ask questions and present ideas, thoughts, and concerns to the President of IIBA
About Delvin
Delvin is an exceptional leader with strong experience leading organizations, most recently as Chief Information Officer with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario). Delvin will bring both experience and focus to the table. His background in membership associations, information systems, public accounting, government, and not-for-profits will give him insights into working with IIBA's dynamic ecosystem and audience. Delvin will bring new energy to IIBA’s journey.
Delvin will focus attention on providing value to existing Members, Chapters, volunteers, and all stakeholders, as well as widening the sphere of IIBA to a broader audience. Delvin plans to engage the community collaboratively to move strategic initiatives forward and support the personal and professional growth of our members.   
2pm to 2:5pm
Eugenia (Gina) Schmidt: A Consultant’s Retrospective:  7 Ways to be Versatile with Future Business Analysis Stakeholder Relationships
Presentation Abstract
We know as business analysts we must conduct stakeholder analysis to get a better understanding of who our stakeholders are on a project to project basis. But relationships are based on the expectations we have of each other and the trust we have built over time.  Those relationships will impact how we perform our work and the effectiveness of that work.  How do we deal with the diversity of these relationships?  How do we adjust our communications approach?  How do we improve our collaboration with the various roles our stakeholders take on within our intiatives or projects?  Listen to a business analyst consultant’s lessons learned on how to deal with future business analysis stakeholder relationships.

  • As an attendee, a consultant’s lessons learned will help you:
  • Deal with new stakeholders and stakeholder diversity
  • Provide role clarity and the role’s value to correctly manage expectations
  • Adapt to governance needs and know when to push back
  • Improve collaboration with product owners, scrum masters, sponsors and project managers
  • Adjust requirement communications based on service provider relationships
  • Work with specialized advisors, such as lawyers, procurement, architects or data administrators
  • Address the relationship challenges in the virtual world

Throughout Gina Schmidt’s 25+ year career, she has successfully managed and participated in enterprise-wide multi-vendor projects while performing in a diverse number of roles. As a known expert and consultant in project management and business analysis, she has been engaged as a speaker and seminar instructor by many professional associations, including IIBA, PMI, BA World, Building Business Capability Conference, Women in Technology, We Build Character (non-profit CIO mentoring). Gina has recently authored, “Mastering Business Analysis Versatility: Seven Steps to Develop Advanced Competencies and Capabilities” which is part of a Business Analysis Professional Development Series offered by J. Ross Publishing.
3pm to 3:50pm
David Mantica: Adaptive Leadership and the BA: Working in an Increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous Environment
Presentation Abstract
Leadership is no longer about having a positional powerbase.  You must start thinking in terms of self-leadership and utilizing the referent powerbase. On top of this the rapid pace of change, disruption and complexity is requiring a comprehensive change in how you think at work, how you conduct your work and how you define the value of what you do. 
Adaptive Leadership is developed out of Harvard University specifically around dealing with human psychology, evolutionary biology, and behavioral economics.  An Adaptive leader must change their approach to problem solving, testing, communicating, and executing.  They must understand the implications of their work on the overall system and must constantly filter their work based on the value of the outcome it produces.
These skills are critical for the future of Business Analysis especially as the BA is being increasing asked to support the development of the “future state” and be the trusted advisor to ensure the value of that “future state” is properly defined. 

  • The critical elements of defining value
  • Systems thinking and dealing with adaptive challenges over technical issues
  • The mind set required for adaptive leaders
  • The work approach and critical concepts
  • Bridging adaptive leadership to your analysis work

About David
David has 25 years of business-to-business services, consulting, coaching, and training industry experience in roles from operations, service delivery, marketing, product management and executive management. Just recently he successfully sold his business-to-business training firm having taken it from $1.2m in 2005 to $13m by 2013. Currently Davis is current the VP and General Manager for Soft Ed US, a leading provider of transformational training services, working to support companies embrace agile methods for achieving business results. 
4pm to 4:50pm 
Laura Patton: How to Exploit your Business Analysis Skills to Stay Relevant During Uncertain Times
Presentation Abstract
We are once again in uncertain times and for the majority of professionals we are faced daily with the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of our projects and our positions. Will my project be cancelled? Will my company downsize? What if I lose my position – am I prepared to adequately start a job search? If I am already looking for a position – how can I differentiate myself to obtain an edge over the competition?
While there isn’t a single formula for success during uncertain times – there are some paths you can consider enhancing your chance of staying relevant and improving your marketability. The good news is, that business analysts possess a lot of key ingredients for developing a recipe for relevancy.  
In this presentation, Laura Paton discusses the critical competency of business analysis and explains how you can exploit your business analysis skills in these uncertain times. She discusses how to communicate the value of business analysis and what you should be doing to ensure you stay relevant and in high demand in a tough job market. You won’t want to miss this presentation to hear about her recipe for relevancy and the steps to pull your resume to the top of the pile.   
About Laura
Laura Paton is a career project manager/business analyst professional with over 35 years of experience working on software related projects. Today she works as a coach, mentor, teacher, and practitioner. She is the founder of BA Academy, an online on-demand course provider offering training in business analysis. She is also the creator of the Voice of the Community podcast where she brings project professionals together to learn and share with each other.
One of the most unique aspects of her career has been the 10+ years she has spent consulting with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) where she has led the development efforts of some of the most widely recognized business analysis standards in use today across the globe.
A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) (IIBA 2009) – Project Manager
Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide (PMI 2015) - Chair and Lead Author
BABOK® Guide v3  (IIBA 2018) - Chair and Core Team Author
The PMI Guide to Business Analysis (PMI 2018) - Chair and Core Team Author
Laura has also served as past VP of Professional Development for the IIBA Research Triangle Park Chapter and Head of Product Development for IIBA from 2011 – 2014.