TriBadd 2023 Schedule

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TriBADD 2023 (Triangle Business Analysis Development Day)
Presented by Raleigh, Boston, Hartford, Palmetto Chapters and SoftEd

Theme: Conquering the Mountain


May 18, 2023 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern




12:30 – 1:00 PM

Check in, test your connection, have some conversations.


1:00-1:10 PM

Welcome / Introduction – Olivia Hampton, President IIBA Palmetto Chapter

1:10-1:40 PM 

Opening Session - Katherine Gilliland

Title: The Importance of Character



1:50-2:35 pm

Keynote speaker – Keith Ellis

Title: Becoming Nimble: The Business Analysis Perspective


Track 1: On the hike.

Mindy Bohannon

Title: Do you want to meet Emily in Paris or Escape from New York? Plan your Roadmap with key Prioritization.


Track 2: At the summit.

Felicia Joyner

Title: How to Train Your Business Data Analyst





3:30-4:15 pm

Track 1: On the hike.

Rita Hewell

Title:  You CAN get there from here!

Track 2: At the summit.

Alison Starker

Title: Working with People 101: Stakeholder Engagement


Closing Session: - Katherine Gilliland

Title:  Putting Character into Practice



4:45-5:00 pm 

Raffle/Closing -- Tajoura Davis, President IIBA Greater Boston Chapter




Speakers and Abstracts


Katherine Gilliland

Opening & Closing Sessions


Job Title:

Company: Katherine Gilliland Coaching and Consulting


Speaker Bio: Katherine Gilliland, PCC draws on over 20 years’ experience as a leadership coach, management consultant, facilitator, and HR executive to help individuals and teams thrive. A picture containing person, smiling, posing, wearing</p>
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Throughout her career, Katherine has focused on improving business performance through individuals’ performance. She believes that clear vision, aspirational goals, and courageous communication in a trusting environment helps people be - and achieve – their best. Moving into coaching was a natural progression; now, she helps individuals identify and remove barriers to reaching their full potential. Katherine is an ICF-credentialed coach, team coach, and facilitator who has worked with individuals and groups spanning the globe, primarily in technology, healthcare, higher education, and non-profit industries. 


Katherine partners with her clients for them to find their own leadership voice and increase their positive influence. Drawing on her corporate experience, she understands the daily challenges leaders face – both in their environment and from within themselves. With kind accountability, grounded presence, and a dash of humor, Katherine challenges her clients to re-evaluate their perceptions, reframe their perspectives, and realign their actions with what is most important. As a result, her clients achieve increased awareness, greater clarity, and renewed commitment to action… all leading to improved performance.


Opening Session Presentation Title:  The Importance of Character


Opening Session Description of the Presentation:

If you're going to Conquer the Mountain, being intelligent, competent, and motivated isn't enough. You also need character. In this session, we'll explore what character is and how to develop it so that you have positive influence with others... and so you can reach the heights you desire!


Closing Session Presentation Title: Putting Character into Practice


Closing Session Description of the Presentation:
In this session, we will build on the opening session to explore how we can put character into practice to increase positive influence with others. When you define leadership as having influence with others, we are all leaders in some way – and our day-to-day choices define how effective we are.

Keynote Speaker: Keith Ellis

Job Title: Chief Engagement & Growth Officer

Company: IIBA

LinkedIn URL:



Speaker Bio:

Keith serves as Chief Growth and Engagement Officer for IIBA. He is responsible for leading IIBA’s global growth strategy, including strategic partnerships, IIBA’s 600 corporate, academic and education program partners, its 120 chapters in 40 countries around the world, 1300 volunteers, corporate research and focus on member engagement. Keith has held roles as CEO, COO, board member, investor and mentor to various technology companies. As a business analysis professional, Keith co-founded and sold a business analysis company, leading large projects with over 300 stakeholders.


Presentation Title: 

Becoming Nimble: The Business Analysis Perspective


Description of the presentation:

The pace of change for business is crushing and traditional approaches to change simply can’t keep up. For the business analysis profession, the question is… what do we do about this?  At the intersection of business analysis and business agility there are eight practices that organizations have used to become best in class in dimensions like innovation and operational efficiency, while at the same time becoming better places to work. Keith Ellis, IIBA’s Chief Engagement & Growth Officer, will unveil a host of data from an intensive IIBA study to talk about how business analysis is essential in a world that demands being nimble.


Session Objectives:


  • Define: What is a ‘nimble organization’?

  • Actionable Techniques: How do organizations use these eight practices to drive organizational success?

  • Measure: What is the impact and role of business analysis professionals in nimble organizations?



Track 1: On the hike. 

Session Speaker: Mindy Bohannon



Job Title: Agile Business Analyst

Company: Excella





Mindy thrives as an Agile Business Analyst. She relishes solving business problems, developing solutions that drive the business forward, and relating to others with collaboration, trust, and humanity. Mindy began her career journey as a database developer; and is now a BA and Scrum Master, working on application modernization projects. She’s spoken on agile, analyst, and professional development topics at many local and national conferences over the years. Equally, she encourages others to share their knowledge as the President of her local IIBA DC chapter.A picture containing person, outdoor</p>
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Presentation Title: 

Do you want to meet Emily in Paris or Escape from New York? Plan your Roadmap with key Prioritization Techniques


Description of the presentation:

You’re on a road trip, just you, and 2 cities to visit – easy peasy to plan the route. Now add 2 friends, your parents, and 2 kids in the car and each person wanting to go somewhere different - how does the road map get prioritized? We find ways to plan when there are multiple decision makers involved in creating the project’s development path with many swimlanes of features. There are different techniques to prioritize that we can use alone, and many times in conjunction together. This session will explore what a roadmap is, people involved in creating it, and different ways to prioritize and issues that people find when doing this work. 


Recent speaking history:

I've spoken at RTP IIBA before, many BA World conferences and IIBA Chapters over the year. 


URLs of previous presentations



Track 2: At the summit.

Session Speaker: Felicia Joyner


Job Title: Senior Business Analyst

Company: Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

LinkedIn URL:



Speaker Bio:

Felicia Joyner is a visionary Senior Business Analyst and Data Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina who designs solutions that meet critical business needs. She is skilled in planning, coordinating, and administering systems development projects and advancing projects during all SDLC phases and agile sprints.