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Apr Chapter Meeting - Wed 4/25/2018 @ 5:30pm Note: Registration through the Chapter website is required   Revisiting Non-members $5, Members $0  Speaker: David Mantica Topic:  IoT (Internet of Things) Primer for SDLC Professionals Abstract:  Nothing is worse in our B to B technology world than business...
There will be two door prizes valued at $ 119.00 each for TriAgile 2018 Conference .  You could be the lucky winner.  Come and claim your prizes!!

Congratulations to Mathew for becoming a CBAP!


Congratulations to Rick for becoming a CBAP!


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TriAgile 2018   TriAgile 2018 triagile.com The Triagile Conference is on Thursday, April 5th at the McKimmon Center. Click any of the links  above to learn more and register. RTP IIBA Chapter is happy to announce a special discount of $20.00 for Chapter members for this conference. Please...