• Chapter Meeting @ Matrix Resources
  • 2015 Annual Holiday Social Gathering
  • Lego Workshop in the chapter meeting
  • Bizagi Tool Demo during chapter meeting

ba-masterclass.jpg  BA MASTERCLASS SERIES

Congratulations to Durban for becoming a CCBA! 

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August Chapter Meeting - Wed 8/24/2016 @ 5:30pm
Speaker: Tom Wessel Topic: Agile Requirements Techniques: Delivering Value Sooner The Standish Group reports that 45% of all software features are rarely if ever used. This number highlights the waste associated with traditional requirements elaboration approaches and emphasizes that not all...
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How It Works The BA Masterclass Series was developed specifically to provide the skills, tools and techniques SDLC professionals require to deliver results and grow in their careers in the face of time pressure felt by today's workers. The flexible and convenient structure allows professionals...
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