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There are many opportunities to help grow the chapter and serve the community of Business Analysts in the Research Triangle Park area!


Committee Charter Committee Members
Education & Events Education Speaker Conferences

  • Monthly Chapter Meetings
  • Professional Development Day

Monthly Meetups

  • Networking
  • Team Building
  • Informal BA Discussions
Udaya Rekha Koppul
Committee Chair


Marketing & Communications Promotion of the IIBA and BA Certifications

  • Educating BAs on the Value of IIBA Membership
  • Educating BAs on the Value of CBAP and CCBA Certifications
  • Educating the broader Business community on the IIBA and BA Certifications

Connecting Business Analysts

  • Social Media Outreach:   LinkedIn and MeetUp
  • Email Communication

Compiling Website Information

  • Up to date and relevant information on the website
  • Presentation of Materials in the Mediums most used by BAs (Mobile and Desktop)

Compiling Marketing Materials

  • Up to date and relevant information on IIBA Membership and Certifications
  • Up to date and relevant information on the RTP Chapter
  • Development of Templates and Artifacts usable by Chapter Leadership in their Roles
LaVerne Witherspoon
Committee Chair

Market Research & Digital Analytics Lead

Stephanie Holopainen
Committee Member


Membership Maintain Membership Data

  • Establish and maintain a current Chapter membership list
  • Provide membership metrics and report to the Board on a periodic basis

Recruit and Retain Members

  • Welcome new members
  • Encourage all members to share and participate in the community
  • Outreach to area corporations and groups to share chapter membership benefits
  • Promote member specific events, activities and opportunities
  • Monitor the needs of this membership community
Pamela JS Thomas, CCBA, CBDA
Committee Chair 

Committee Member


Finance    JeNeena Greer CBAP
Committee Chair

Sorin Catighera
Committee Member