IIBA RTP MAY Chapter Webinar - 30 MAY 2024 7:00 EST

Thursday, May 30, 2024 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Speaker Name Jennifer Anderson


Presentation Title:  Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom

 Presentation AbstractThe world of work is changing rapidly. Most people are feeling the stress of just trying to keep up and are paying a big price in terms of health, wealth and happiness. If you feel that something is missing from your career . . . if you feel you’re making far less money than you’re worth or that you might not be achieving your purpose in this go-round on the planet—then now is your chance to transform that forever.
In this talk, Jen delivers a roadmap for navigating the “crazy new world” of career search and job-hunting. If you want to discover the work that’s a perfect fit for you—that will be personally fulfilling and financially rewarding—you need to learn how to discover and leverage your personal strengths as well as create a lasting strategy for career success.

Presented by: Jennifer Anderson, MCC, PMC, DTM, Author, Career Strategist, Professional Speaker

Speaker Bio:
Jennifer Anderson, known as the “Queen of Career Epiphanies,” has coached thousands of people through the steps of turning what makes them unique into meaningful and lucrative work. A self-proclaimed “High Tech Refugee,” Jen has spent the last 25 years teaching thousands of people the concepts of how to create a thriving career. She’s coached hundreds of people down the garden path to discovering their perfect work, and taught hundreds of entrepreneurs the secrets of launching successful small businesses. An “Early Settler” of the professional coaching industry as well as a Master Certified Coach, Jennifer is a trainer at Coach University, the Life Purpose Institute and The International Coaching Group. Jennifer is the author of the Amazon bestselling book for career advice, “Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom: How to turn what makes you unique into a meaningful and lucrative career.”

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